Meeting on 28th November

We had a wonderful afternoon at the Guild when Chris and Margaret Gunstone from Linlithgow came and were talking about St. Cuthbert's Way. This is a walk which goes from Melrose Abbey to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumberland. They went with a group from a Church in Aberdeenshire where Chris and Margaret lived for over 30 years. It was quite a small group and included their Minister.

Chris gave a wonderful account of their journey and all the stops. They learned so much on the way - about each other, about themselves, about nature e.g. recognition of birds and other wildlife. They had daily worship too, which really kept the intimacy of the group alive and obviously helped the pilgrimage to be very special.

We would like to thank Chris and Margaret for a very special afternoon and if you ever get the opportunity to hear them, please do go.

Also the Guild were trying out the Church Coomber Unit - which is a microphone system to help speakers in the hall. It proved to be very successful.

Find out more about St. Cuthbert's Way here.