1. Welcome and Intimations

  2. Prayer and Lord’s Prayer

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name;
    thy kingdom come;
    thy will be done;
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation;
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    the power, and the glory
    for ever and ever.

  3. MP 102 Come thou long expected Jesus

    1. Come, Thou long-expected Jesus,
      born to set Thy people free;
      from our fears and sins release us;
      let us find our rest in Thee.

    2. Israel’s strength and consolation,
      hope of all the earth Thou art;
      dear desire of every nation,
      joy of every longing heart.

    3. Born Thy people to deliver;
      born a child, and yet a King;
      born to reign in us for ever;
      now Thy gracious kingdom bring.

    4. By Thine own eternal Spirit
      rule in all our hearts alone:
      by Thine all-sufficient merit
      raise us to Thy glorious throne.

    © Charles Wesley

    1. Luke 1: 57-66

  4. Children’s Address - Lighting of the Advent Candle

  5. Lighting of the candle of peace

    Last Sunday we lit the first candle—the candle of hope. Today we light the second candle, the candle of peace. We light it knowing full well that peace is elusive, and in some parts of the world, it is almost completely absent. Yet in this season of Advent, we trust that God is never absent from us. God is always preparing something new. And even where there is war and discord, whether between countries, within families, or within our own hearts, God is present, gently leading us to new possibilities.

    Loving God, in this time of preparation and planning,
    We thank you for the hope and peace you unfailingly offer us.
    Show us the creative power of hope.
    Teach us the peace that comes from justice.
    Prepare our hearts to be transformed by you,
    That we may walk in the light of Christ.

    Take your encouragement from Christ, that your joy may be complete.

    We will share in the Spirit;
    We will find consolation in love.

    Practice a ministry of humility and compassion
    For God is at work in you, empowering you

    We will welcome Christ into our hearts.
    We will live worthy of the Gospel.
    We will go forth in hope and in peace.

  6. MP 62 Born in the night

    1. Born in the night, Mary’s child,
      a long way from Your home;
      coming in need,
      Mary’s child,
      born in a borrowed room.

    2. Clear shining light, Mary’s child,
      Your face lights up our way:
      light of the world,
      Mary’s child,
      dawn on our darkened day.

    3. Truth of our life, Mary’s child,
      You tell us God is good:
      prove it is true,
      Mary’s child,
      go to Your cross of wood.

    4. Hope of the world, Mary’s child,
      You’re coming soon to reign:
      King of the earth,
      Mary’s child,
      walk in our streets again.

    © Geoffrey Ainger

  7. Meditation

  8. Behold our God

  9. Offering

  10. Prayer of Intercession

  11. Hymn MP 631 Tell out my soul

    1. Tell out, my soul,
      the greatness of the Lord!
      Unnumbered blessings
      give my spirit voice;
      tender to me the promise of His word;
      in God my Saviour
      shall my heart rejoice.

    2. Tell out, my soul,
      the greatness of His name!
      Make known His might,
      the deeds His arm has done;
      His mercy sure, from age to age the same;
      His holy name, the Lord,
      the Mighty One.

    3. Tell out, my soul,
      the greatness of His might!
      Powers and dominions
      lay their glory by.
      Proud hearts and stubborn wills
      are put to flight,
      the hungry fed,
      the humble lifted high.

    4. Tell out, my soul,
      the glories of His word!
      Firm is His promise,
      and His mercy sure.
      Tell out, my soul,
      the greatness of the Lord
      to children’s children
      and for evermore!

    © Timothy Dudley-Smith

  12. Blessing